Business Units

Fresh meats

This department is in charge of processing cattle and pigs from our associates, as well as some clients that ask for this service. This unit also supplies the raw material to the rest of the business units of the company.


Our cattle processing operates under the strictest standards of quality and innocuousness; we also have a modern and spacious boning room. For its operation, we present all the permissions from The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

Our products are for the national and international market, being the local market the most important because in it we commercialize the 60% of our total production through supermarkets, butchers’ shops, restaurants and industrial plants. We offer the delivery service in all the country, except in the South Zone.
Our processing plant has the approbation to export to the following countries:

  • United States
  • Puerto Rico
  • Mexico
  • Guatemala
  • El Salvador
  • Jamaica
  • Dominican Republic
  • Japan

To those places we export:

  • Fine cuts of meat vacuum packed.
  • Industrial frozen meat
  • Guts


Our plant for pigs has a modern boning room, where we process and commercialize pigs and their different cuts for industrial plants, restaurants, butchers’ shops and supermarkets. The most of the pork we process is sold in the national market as a product for butchers’ shops; although this plant is authorized to export to Central America too.

Processed meats

frescasThe objective of this unit is to generate a value added to the meat to become our products in the best option for quality, nutrition, convenience and flavor for the regional market, reaching this way a higher profitability for our activities and the satisfaction of our clients.

This unit is where we process and commercialize cold meats, fresh products and frozen products with an added value like meat cakes, tacos, escalope, burritos and others.
We have a processing plant that follows all the quality norms to assurance to our consumers a healthy and innocuous product, allowing the commercialization regionally and including the United States too.

These products are commercialized, mainly, in the national market where our meat cakes and tacos are leader products. The success of this product line is going beyond frontiers to get its commercialization in Central America and The Caribe.

Additionally, the excellent quality of our frozen products has positioned our brand in the frozen market nationally, as one of the more recognized brands for consumers.
Our products are sold under the brands: Montecillos, Cartín, La Cabaña, Montana and Montemar and they are in the main supermarkets chains, as well as in smaller markets all over the country.

Meat Centers

centro-carnesThanks to this unit, Montecillos reaches directly to the consumer, guaranteeing the quality of the product from the farms of our associated producers to their tables. The objective is offering to the final consumer fresh products, innocuousness, excellent quality and competitive prices.

For this, we have retail locations all over the country. In this butchers’ shops you can find a great variety of products like fresh beef, pork and chicken, as well as our frozen products line and pre-prepared line (tacos, cold meats, meat cakes, etc.)


At this unit we process cattle leathers. Taking advantage of this raw material and using a vegetal or a salty process, Montecillos offers to the national and international market, first quality leathers.

These leathers, in vegetal process, are the base of the finest handcrafts in Costa Rica and Central America. But they are also exported to China and very demanding markets like the European, where our leather soles are used for designer shoes that are sold in very famous and recognized stores.

One of the main markets in the world for leather production and commercialization is the city of León in Mexico and precisely, this unit commercializes our salty leathers to this place.


jaboneriaThe main objective of this unity is to add value to the animal fat, obtained in the sacrifice process. Using a process named “saponification” the fat becomes in first quality soaps that take care of your white and color clothes with a high efficiency.

These products can be found under the brands Monteazul y Montex in the principal supermarkets chains in the national territory. But the 60% of soaps production is exported to Central America and the Caribe to countries like Trinidad and Tobago or Dominican Republic.

Montecillos International

puerto1Montecillos International Inc, is a company of Montecillos, located in Puerto Rico, and legally approved by all the governmental legislation and organization of that nation. The products this office commercializes are duly approved by the USDA and the FDA.

Thanks to this office we commercialize full containers with distributors. Then, they sell our products in retail. We mainly offer fresh and frozen meats, imported directly from Costa Rica.

Because of the experience that Montecillos has internationally in the distribution, logistic and customer service, every distributor is benefited getting the best competitive prices in all the products they buy.