Our company


We offer world class meat products to contribute to the welfare of clients, partners and community.


Being the meat company preferred by customers, suppliers and partners.


Focus on results, efficiency passion, passion for the customer.

Our cooperative

Since 1977 and thanks to the union of workers and partners of Montecillos, the first cooperative model of joint management was born in Latin America. Since then, workers and producers share the property, the management and the surpluses of the company; this motivates collaborators and associates to give the best and keep the compromise of quality and wellness with their clients.

Also, in Montecillos we maintain open doors for all those livestock producers who want to join our cooperative and receive the benefits of being part of this important company with international quality.


Since 1973, we started with meat exportation and we function as a defense for livestock producers, becoming a regulator entity of cattle prices for commerce.
Our Montecillos quality guarantee makes our products to reach the strictest quality norms internationally, certifying the healthiness, innocuousness and the security of the food we produce and process.
That is why, actually our our fresh meats and their derivative go beyond frontiers and can be enjoyed in countries and regions like:

  • Nicaragua
  • Guatemala
  • Mexico
  • Puerto Rico
  • United States
  • China
  • Japan

To export to this countries and regions our company has been evaluated through rigorous quality and social responsibility consultancies to prove the excellence of our products, as well as our compromise with environment and the society where we grow.

Exportation is made with fresh and frozen meat to the different nations. We also have an office in Puerto Rico, known as Montecillos International Inc., to cover more markets and negotiate closer with some of our foreign clients.