Service to Producers

With the intention of offering a better service and a personalized attention to our producers, in Montecillos we have a department dedicated, exclusively, to the attention of producers from their own farms.

We have promoters for each zone of the country: North Zone, Pacific, Atlantic, South Zone and Central Valley. Our promoters are professionals in Zoo Technology or Animal Production; they visit the associate producers and the no associate producers to give them information, technical knowledge and programming the delivery of the cattle and pigs.

Additionally, in our plant we have a team that works to make this relationship between producers and our company, more pleasant, satisfactory and longer, with a warm and effective attention and an agile and convenient service.

Also, as part of our services, in Montecillos we are concerned about giving training and updated information about livestock and the advances of our cooperative to the different producers, in all the country, through picnics, chats and seminars.

Promoter Name Zone
Carlos Corrales Atlantic Zone
Nelson Campos Murillo North Zone and Guanacaste
Veracruz Barrantes Sibaja South Zone
Adriana Alvarado Chief Procurement Office

How can you ask for a visit from the promoter to your farm?

To ask for a visit from the promoter, you have to talk directly with the promoter of your zone. He or she will confirm this meeting and will put it on the agenda. You can also call to the Service to Producer Office to the phone 2437-1427 or 2437-1428 for more information.

¿How can the promoter help the producers?

The promoter can give you consultancy, information, technical knowledge and can also help you to programme or learning the processes that you have to establish with the cooperative.

¿How to be an associate in Montecillos?

To be a Montecillos associate you just have to present these requirements:

  • Being a livestock and pork producer.
  • Presenting a photocopy of the identity card.
  • Contributing with an initial capital of ¢300 000.
  • Contributing with a subscribed capital.
  • Filling in this form You can also ask for it in the Office for Producer Services or to the Montecillos promoter.
  • Presenting a certification from de Public Register of the Property or a lease agreement.
  • Farm inspection by the Montecillos promoter.
  • Delivering, at least, 15 cattle and/or 50 pigs per year.
  • Receiving a cooperative introductory course.

If you need some help to complete the requirements or you need to clarify some question about this topic, please be in touch with your respective promoter or call to 2437-1300 for more information.

What are the benefits of Montecillos associates?

  • Trust
  • Competitive price, according to the cattle quality.
  • Differenced price for being an associate.
  • Participation of the surpluses of the company.
  • Participation in the decision making of the company.
  • Constant training.