Social Responsibility

Our compromise with the society, the community and our workers is one of our most important pillars of our cooperative. That is why we always look for having, hand in hand, development and the progress and wellness of them through different strategies and actions, forming our social responsibility policy. Some of these actions are:

  • Benefits for our associates and their families (constant training, health services, participation and decision making of the cooperative, participation in the cooperative surpluses, etc.)
  • An environmental policy that looks for the maximum reduction of the impact of our job in the environment.
  • An occupational health policy that looks for protecting the integrity and health of our collaborators.
  • A productive process that is made under the strictest quality norms to guarantee the food security of our consumers and the society.

This way, our company is compromised with the personal development of our collaborators, as well as their family wellness. At the same time, we work to get a better society for our future generations and to make our products reach more homes every time, offering health and satisfaction to our consumers.

Quality Guarantee

“We are a company with the objective of satisfying clients exceeding their quality expectations; being our products made by a professional team that works in multidisciplinary areas, compromised to work in an integral way, following all the current legislation and guaranteeing, at the same time, the innocuousness of the diverse products for our consumers’ wellness.”

In Montecillos, we all are compromised with quality because we are a company concerned about our consumers’ health. Precisely, the origins of our company are linked to the necessity of guaranteeing the sanitary quality of all of our meat products for our clients’ wellness.

The quality of our products is born in the livestock farms, where our producer partners implement new technologies to improve the genetic, alimentation and health of the cattle, as well as to assurance its wellness.

The quality keeps present in all the productive processes that are made in our processing plants where our collaborator partners, with their experience, capacitation and willingness, use the most advance technologies to transform our raw material in fresh, healthy and innocuous products.

The processing of our raw material is constantly supervised and directed by official professionals of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, and also by our technical personnel, certified by SENASA (National Service for Animal Health). This way, our production is based on food safety practices.

Environmental policy

In Montecillos we have a compromise with environment; that is why our growth and development goes together with nature protection. Because of that our cooperative set aside an important annual budget for this; we do not want to economize in our job of protecting natural resources, taking care of their wellness and promoting the responsible use of them.

In 1997 we made our first alliance with environment, implementing our Waste Waters Treatment Plant, the most modern and the biggest in Central America at that time. Since then, our responsibility for harmonize our productive processes with nature has been continuous and sustainable.


Additionally, we developed an Environmental Management System, where we work for a cleaner production by a higher efficiency in the use of water, waste management plans, substitution or elimination of chemicals in the productive processes and the reduction of emissions to the air.

Recently, we signed a Voluntary Agreement for a Cleaner Production with the Ministry of Environment and Energy, the Ministry of Health and the Cattle Development Corporation to reaffirm again our compromise with nature and get the supervision and support from these entities.

We also promote recycle campaigns internally; we implement actions to reduce electricity consumption; we produce organic compost using cowpat and we organize tree planting days inside our installations and around de community. This way our cooperative is always in the search of solutions that can let us generate a higher profitability, reducing environmental impact.