Meats Centers

According to our strategy and our clients’ needs, through this department we can have a direct contact with the consumers, guaranteeing the quality of the products from the farms to their tables.

The objective is offering fresh, innocuous and high quality products with competitive prices. That is why we have sale points in the 7 provinces where our consumers can find a variety of products like fresh meats of beef, pork and chicken, as well as our frozen products and pre-prepared products (tacos, meat patties, sausages, etc.)

Retail Point Phone Direction
Borbón 2255-0016 Diagonal al antiguo Almacén La Granja, calle 8, Mercado Borbón, San José.
Central 2255-0494 Local # 48, Mercado Central, San José.
Ciudad Colón 2249-6541 Dentro del Supermercado Súper Mora-Ciudad Colón. Frente al costado oeste de la Plaza de Deportes.
Montecillos 2437-1389 Contiguo a las Oficinas Centrales de Montecillos, Alajuela.
Naranjo 2450-1052 Dentro del Supermercado CooproNaranjo R.L. Frente al costado norte del Mercado Municipal, Naranjo Centro).
Puntarenas 2661-3165 125m al sur del Mercado Municipal de Puntarenas.
Puriscal #1 2416-7317 Dentro del supermercado Súper Mora – Centro. Frente a la entrada Principal del Mercado Municipal de Puriscal.
Puriscal #2 2416-7203 Dentro del Supermercado Súper Mora – Norte. Del Antiguo Centro Católico, 75m norte, Puriscal Centro.
Guapiles 2710-5534 Diagonal a la entrada principal del Estadio Ebal Rodriguez.
Cañas 2668-3565 175 metros este del BNCR.
San Ramón 2445-9197 100 metros norte del Palí de San Ramón Centro.
Grecia 2444-8145 50 metros oeste de Opticas Vision, Grecia Centro.
Heredia 2237-3917 De la esquina suroeste del Mercado Central, 25 metros sur, Heredia Centro.