Fresh meat

Our Fresh Meat Unit is composed by highly qualified workers, because in this unit the raw material we use in Montecillos every day is processed.

Every room for cattle and pigs has the most leading technology; this allows us to have a highly productive process as well as keeping the animal wellness and food safety for our clients.

Our job of meat production is supported for the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Costa Rica and also for the 14 food authorities of the countries we export to, like the United States, China and Japan, which are the most demanding markets of the world. We are subject of strict exams regularly to prove our innocuousness and quality and we always pass these tests with excellence.

We also have the presence of inspectors from the National Animal Health Service, who supervise the innocuousness of all the process and we also have audits from the transnational chains that buy our products.

This unit is assisted by the Department of Quality, Innocuousness and Environment. This department supervised the process to reach all the international standards like the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points or HACCP.

Every month we process more than 7000 cattle and the same number of pigs of the best breeds in the country. The common denominator is the high quality lean meat, thanks to the fattening techniques our producers apply in their farms.

This unit supplies butcher’s shops, restaurants, supermarkets and other businesses that require high quality meat, as well as variety. We offer from carcasses to loins, steaks, fajitas, ground meat and many more options in beef or pork.