This unit is responsible of processing the animal skins to become them high quality leathers. Actually we develop 2 processes:

  1. Vegetal tanning process
  2. Salted skins process

These leathers, on vegetal process, are the raw material for the finest handcrafts products in Central America and Costa Rica. But they are also exported to the most demanding markets like the European, where leathers soles are part of many shoes in famous designers’ stores.

One of the principal markets in the world in leather production and commercialization is located in León Guanajuato City in Mexico and, precisely, this unit exports yet an important part of its production of salted leathers to this market.

Additionally, the Asian market is a very important destination for this unit and our cooperative as well. To this market we export an important quantity of our salted leather for Chinese companies, specially. Other countries like Colombia, El Salvador and Honduras are also a destiny for our leathers.

The vegetal leather is ideal for the creation of thousands of products that can be created using animal skins; from saddles, swing chairs, belts and shoes, until knife sheaths.

Principal characteristics of our salted leathers:

  1. 100% mechanical extraction
  2. Salted with marine salt and 2% of sodium carbonate
  3. 100% cropped
  4. TR selection

Principal characteristics for our vegetal leathers:

  1. 100% vegetal tanning process
  2. Color items: natural, artisanal, brown, black and yellow.
  3. 100% cropped
  4. Electronic measurement
  5. Presentation: sole in half leather leg, leaves and necks