Processed Meats

Once the raw material is obtained, it starts the complex system for generating added value to the meat to become our sausages and frozen products in the best option for innocuousness, quality and nutrition for our clients, in the national and international market.

Our processing plant also follows the strictest national and international norms and this allow us to commercialize our products in supermarkets chains and important restaurants like Taco Bell, Burger King, Denny’s, McDonald’s and many others where we distribute our fresh and processed products.

The success of this product line has transcended borders to achieve its commercialization in Central America and The Caribbean. Additionally, the excellent quality of our frozen products has positioned our brand in the national market as one of the favorite brands by consumers.

Our products are commercialized under the brands Montecillos, Cartín, Cabaña, Montana and Montemar and they can be found in the most important supermarket chains, as well as in stores and small markets.

Meat patties, tacos, beef escalope, burritos and pre-cooked pork are some of the options this line of products offer.