With the objective of adding more value to the raw material of our company and reduce the impact on the environment through the maximum use of the resources, since 1982 we started with the production of laundry and toilet soap, based on animal fat.

Our soaps have all the standards of quality internationally and that is why the 60% of our production is exported with the collaboration of different distributors, reaching countries like Trinidad and Tobago, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.

We also offer the “maquila service”, where we process the product and pack it using the brand our clients choose.

This unit is very important for Montecillos, because thanks to this department all the raw material obtained from cattle and pigs, including the fat, can be used. Additionally, this is a unit full of passion for investigation and the development of new processes to reach the best effectiveness in our soaps every time, which are environmental friendly becuase of the natural raw material they use and their formulations.



Azul second class 400 kg
Azul second class 200 kg
Veteado First class 400 kg
Azul First class (Extruído) 400 kg
Azul First class (Extruído) 200 kg


Azul 500 kg
Azul 250 kg
Veteado 500 kg
Extruído 500 kg
Extruído 250 kg


Other Montecillos Products

Aguila Azul 500 kg (azul second class y veteado first class)
Dalan Azul 150 kg